Welcome to Our Beautiful Cabin in Maine.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR DEER AND MOOSE ALONG ALL ROADWAYS!! I watch the road's white lines, and if there's a dark spot, I slow down; as it could be a moose! This is especially true in the winter with SALT on the road's edge! The MOOSE have such long legs that our headlights cannot reflect off their eyes, as they do with Deer and smaller animals.

The cabin is nestled in the woods around the 500 acre SILVER LAKE in a tiny community of the sweetest folks you'll ever meet, in LEE, Maine. We fly into Bangor, and take I-95 North to the Lincoln Exit (about 45 miles from Bangor). Follow sign to Lincoln, take a LEFT at the light; go past Walmart, a few businesses, McDonalds, and come to a Stop Light at a STATUE. Rite Aid will be on your right, and The Timber House Restaurant on your left. Take a LEFT and stop in town for lunch or dinner, or grocery shopping on your way into Lee! More on that later! At the next STATUE, veer RIGHT to follow Route 6 on into Lee(about 10 miles). Upon receipt of rental agreement and deposit, we'll give remaining directions and contact person in Lee. Do plan on getting your grocery supplies in LINCOLN at HANNAFORDS or theres a Meat Market directly behind Possibilities, for more gourmet choices!

*** If you want to see a bit more of Maine along the way, I'd suggest that you fly into PORTLAND, and drive the Interstate, or the Routes, or even the COASTAL highway for a few days in Bar Harbor...BAH HAHBAH, as the locals call it!

Keep in mind, that Bar Harbor is two to two and a half hours south of Lee, depending on traffic. That makes a great "day trip". There's the shopping and dining on 'FRESH from the WATER' "LOBSTAH", driving through Acadia National Park, driving along the COAST a bit, taking a HARBOR CRUISE....It's a great place to spend a few days!

Also, BAXTER STATE PARK is NORTH of the cabin. It's a great place to look for moose! They won't come to look for you, though...so park and walk back to the ponds they frequent! "TIMING IS EVERYTHING!" Some days we go, and the moose 'just left'; then other days we get there just before they come to dine!