Welcome to Our Beautiful Cabin in Maine.

In Lee, itself, there is only one restaurant; and it's actually in the same building as the only gas station! Don't let the old joke "Eat here and GET GAS" get in the way, as Raymond's makes absolutely the BEST MUFFINS I have ever eaten! Rasberry, Maine Blueberry, Apple, Bran, et al...and homemade bread, great Pizza, Fish and Chips, a blue-plate lunch daily, and amazing desserts! But, they close at 7:00 PM, so go early!!

In LINCOLN, believe it or not, WING WAH has the BEST CHINESE FOOD I have EVER eaten! We've been to San Francisco, New York, Philley, Boston...and this is the BEST! And they are open until 9:00 PM!!

The newest place we love to eat in Lincoln, is Gilmore's Family Restaurant! EVERYTHING we've had has been great, and there's SO much of it! The only problem is saving enough room for their amazing HOMEMADE ICE CREAMS or desserts! You might want to SHARE entrees, and have your OWN dessert.... :)


Timber House is also good country food, with great desserts! There are a couple other places we haven't tried yet, and if YOU try them, please give us a review!


The River Driver's Restaurant & Pub now located at the cabin lodging base lodge at Twin Pine Camps, overlooking Millinocket Lake and Maine highest peak, Katahdin.

The River Driver's restaurant has long served us as a fine dining option for guests in the North Woods but with the construction of their new facility that opened in the fall of 2011, the River Driver's is taking on its next adventure. An exciting, vibrant atmosphere, good food and great service are the key elements of the River Driver's Restaurant.


Down toward Bangor, there's a small town called OLD TOWN, that is very quaint and quite picturesque. The CHOCOLATE GRILLE is at a park overlooking the Penobscot River; and has quite a nice variety of meals to choose from.