Welcome to Our Beautiful Cabin in Maine.

We ask that everyone treat it as they would a luxury rental, so that we can rent it out for many years, keeping the rent reasonable. * To keep insurance rates (and rent) down, we ask that there be NO SMOKING or HUNTING on our land at all. For those who choose to smoke and hunt, there are numerous "camps" in the area, that would be more suited to your lifestyle. We have this place as more of a secluded, romantic anniversary getaway, or family vacation type hideaway. The owners, as well as several friends who come on a regular basis; are severely allergic to cigarette smoke. This is why we ask that smokers enjoy the camps around the area instead of using this cabin.

** We also ask that there be NO HORSEPLAY along the walks, in the woods, at the lake/dock, or in the cabin. If you have children who are inclined to be the rough-housing type, maybe they could stay with grandma, while you and your spouse get away for time alone! ;) Check out the garden tub in the master suite!

REMEMBER, this is wooded land, so just watch your step, take a walking stick, wear proper hiking boots or walking shoes, etc. to prevent tripping over roots or stumps. I know from personal experience that Birkenstocks are NOT a good choice, nor would flip flops be! :)